Interview with Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo

Interview with Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo

Starring in Intimissimi’s campaign and famous dating reality show Love is Blind Brazil, the actor couple gave an interview revealing the behind-the-scenes of their relationship that has lasted for eight years.

Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo: “Our lives are really hectic, so we really value the moments we spend together.”

Married since 2018, Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo announced their relationship in 2016 after meeting on the set of the soap opera “Êta Mundo Bom!” They won over the audience with their chemistry and bond. With established careers, they share other projects together, including the soap opera “Verdades Secretas” and the reality show “Love is Blind Brazil (in portuguese: Casamento às Cegas).”

As the stars of Intimissimi’s Valentine’s Day campaign, the couple shared details about their personal and professional lives, revealing how they manage to balance their relationship with their busy and demanding schedules. They also spoke about the challenges and joys of working together, both in life and on screen.

Let’s read the full interview below and get to know more about the couple.

Interview with Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo

Which part of the house do you spend the most time together and why?

Camila: The kitchen, living room, and bedroom. Because these are places that, regardless of our diverse routines, end up connecting us and are moments of pause and memories. We talk about our day, exchange ideas, and plan for the future.

How do you handle household chores between you? Is one of you messier, or are you both super organized?

Camila: We do everything; we’re skilled around the house. But with such an intense daily life, we’ve become a bit messier. Klebber used to be the organized one, but nowadays he’s joined my team.

For a couple that works together, how do you balance so that each of you has your own space and individuality?

Camila: When we have the chance to work together, it’s really enjoyable, but it’s not always possible to sync our schedules. Our lives are really hectic, so we really value the moments we spend together. Of course, we each have our own individual interests and hobbies—Klebber loves surfing, and I like going to the gym early in the morning—but we balance things well and find time for each other.

Have you ever shared clothes with each other? If so, what’s your favorite item to borrow?

Klebber: Camila wears all my clothes, especially my underwear and pajamas. She really likes them, so when something’s missing, I know it’s in her closet.

What’s the sexiest outfit you think the other wears?

Klebber: I love when Camila wears dresses; she looks very beautiful and sexy.
Camila: I love when Klebber wakes up with messy hair, in a T-shirt and underwear; it’s very sexy.

Is there any piece of clothing or accessory that one of you has that always causes a difference of opinion when choosing?

Camila: I don’t think so. We’re pretty laid back about that.

What are the essential items in each of your wardrobes for an ordinary day?

Camila: In general, Klebber and I have a more basic style with timeless and classic pieces. I think our wardrobe is very versatile and adaptable to various situations. For example, our wardrobe is never without comfortable, well-fitting jeans, basic T-shirts, lightweight fabrics like linen, and good tailoring.

Have you ever been inspired by each other’s style to create your own looks?

Camila: Not necessarily, but it often happens that we’re dressed in the same palette or in similar styles. I think we influence each other a lot.

Who is more likely to influence the other’s fashion choices: Klebber or Camila?

Camila: According to Klebber, it’s me.

What are the most precious moments you share daily?

Camila: We love having breakfast together when we can connect before starting the day. Despite our busy schedules, we’re always seeking quality time. Whether watching a movie together, taking a city walk on the weekend, or just lounging on the couch, the time we spend together is always valuable.

What traditions or rituals do you have as a couple?

Camila: We always go to bed together and, whenever possible, we have all our meals together.

What do you most admire in each other as partners and as individuals?

Klebber: What I admire most about Camila is her honesty and determination, her grit. Her companionship, friendship, and talent.

Camila: I admire how dedicated Klebber is and how he takes care of our home and family. It’s very important to be able to count on such a present and dedicated partner. I also admire his work ethic, his character, and the way he takes care of everyone around him.

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