Fernanda Souza records Stranded with my mother-in-law 2nd season

Stranded with my mother-in-law 2nd season

Fernanda Souza records the second season of ‘Stranded with my mother-in-law’, from Netflix. See exclusive photo.

Here is the first photo of Fernanda Souza in the second season of “Stranded with my mother-in-law”, from Netflix. There will be eight episodes, which have already been recorded. Produced by Floresta, the show is directed by Eduardo Mendonça and Eugenia Ruggeri.

In the image, the host appears in the area that provides access to the room where the selected children for the reality stay. From there, they observe what happens outside and witness the interaction between their mothers and sons-in-law or daughters-in-law. At a certain point in the game, everyone gathers in the same area.

The first season of “Stranded with my mother-in-law” premiered in October 2023. The show was a success in Brazil and also made it to the Top 10 of the most-watched non-English language series on Netflix worldwide.

How does the reality show Stranded with mother in law work?

Basically, six couples will be taken to a paradise island, believing they will enjoy a honeymoon and compete in challenges to win money. However, upon arriving at the location, they will be separated, and the sons-in-law will be confined with their respective mothers-in-law.

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