“Fat Voice”, “I Avoid Bald Men”: 7 Controversial Quotes from Love is Blind 4 Participants

Five Controversial Quotes from Love is Blind Brazil Season 4

The fourth season of the Brazilian version of the reality show Love is Blind premiered on Netflix on June 19th and thus brought a lot of interesting and controversial scenes.

The fourth season of the reality show Love is Blind Brazil premiered on Netflix last Wednesday (19th), captivating netizens and fans of the show, which is hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo.

This time, the audience was introduced to a new cast – all divorced, separated, or previously engaged.

Throughout the first four episodes, which are already available on streaming, some comments and interactions between the participants went viral on social media, dividing opinions online. On one side, some defend public exposure and entertainment. On the other, there are those who cite a lack of respect.

7 Controversial Quotes from Love is Blind Brazil Season 4

“Fat Voice”

At the beginning of the season, participant Alexandre Thomaz mentioned that he was only interested in one woman after the first round of conversations in the pod. He remarked in a conversation with another participant that she had a “fat voice.”

The comment caused a stir in the love experiment lounge, and Ariela, who had previously undergone bariatric surgery, confronted him.

“I Avoid Bald Men”

In one episode, lawyer Renata Giaffredo said she does not get involved with bald men. The comment came after she noticed that Patrick Ribeiro, with whom she had conversed during the pod stage, always wore a cap.

“He was the only guy who came in with a cap. I thought, ‘It’s not that he’s stylish. There’s something there,’” she said. “I asked Alexandre [with whom she matched], and he said, ‘Patrick is bald.’ I avoid bald men,” she added.

“You’re Not That Heavy”

In a particular interaction with Ariela during the honeymoon, participant Evandro said that his beloved was “not that heavy.” However, she didn’t appreciate the comment, especially since she had undergone bariatric surgery and liposuction.

“If He’s Too Chubby… I’ve Never Dated One”

Participant Renata also had other controversial moments. Among them, a comment stating that if participant Alexandre, with whom she was conversing, was “chubby” and did not meet her expectations, it might be a hindrance to a potential relationship.

“Have You Traveled Abroad?”

In another moment, Renata asked participant Patrick Ribeiro if he had ever traveled abroad and if he had a car — emphasizing that these were important criteria for her to get involved with someone.

Teenage Daughter?

Part of the audience was confused when Ingrid mentioned she was 34 years old and became a mother at 19. This is because her daughters are 21 and 12. Many people didn’t understand the math of the situation, prompting the participant to explain on X (Twitter) that her eldest daughter was adopted when she was 12 years old.

Engagement Broken Off

In the show, the child wasn’t the only thing Evandro kept from his partner. When he and Ariela, his fiancée, arrived at the apartment and got their phones back, she found messages in which he called another woman “love” just before the experiment began.

When questioned, Evandro claimed it was an ex-fling with whom he maintained a friendly relationship. Ariela decided to write a letter, leave the engagement rings, and leave the apartment. The next day, she returned, and they tried to rekindle their relationship. When she discovered about his child and complained about his lack of honesty, Evandro decided to leave the show. He also left a letter and the engagement ring behind.

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