Don’t like “Big Brother Brazil”? Check Out 9 Different Reality Shows of Brazil

9 famous brazilian reality shows

These shows offer a variety of themes and formats, from culinary competitions to unusual encounters between ex-couples and even with mothers-in-law.

Despite being one of the most popular reality shows in the world, not everyone is a fan of “Big Brother Brazil“.

For those who don’t enjoy BBB or want some variety, there are other reality show options available on streaming platforms. These programs offer a wide range of themes and formats, from culinary competitions to unexpected meetings between ex-couples and even with mothers-in-law.

Here are 9 famous brazilian reality shows

Ex on the Beach Brazil (Amazon Prime)

In “Ex on the Beach Brazil,” ten singles spend their vacation in a tropical paradise. However, the dream can turn into a nightmare as their exes start appearing unexpectedly each episode. All seven seasons are available on Amazon Prime and Paramount.

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Stranded with my mother In-Law (Netflix)

Hosted by actress Fernanda Souza, “Stranded with my mother In-Law” follows several couples living with their respective mothers-in-law on a paradisiacal island. Competitors also participate in challenges and activities, aiming for the final prize of R$ 500,000. Available on Netflix.

Love is Blind Brazil (Netflix)

Hosted by the couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, this dating competition has men and women meeting and conversing without any visual contact. Guided solely by their connections, they must choose who to propose to. “Love is Blind Brazil” can be watched on Netflix.

Too Hot to Handle Brazil (Netflix)

Attractive singles in a tropical paradise. The catch is that to have a chance at winning R$ 500,000, they must abstain from sex. “Too Hot to Handle Brazil” has two seasons available on Netflix.

Tunnel of Love (Globoplay)

In “Tunnel of Love,” ten pairs of friends, separated into two houses connected by a tunnel, have one mission: help each other find the ideal match. The global reality show has two seasons, hosted by Marcos Mion and Ana Clara Lima, available on Globoplay.

MasterChef Brazil (HBOMax and Amazon Prime)

“MasterChef Brazil” is a Brazilian culinary reality show aired on Band and available on HBOMax and Amazon Prime. The show is hosted by Ana Paula Padrão, with a panel of judges including chefs Érick Jacquin, Helena Rizzo (who replaced Paola Carosella in 2021), and Rodrigo Oliveira (who replaced Henrique Fogaça in 2023).

The Circle Brazil (Netflix)

A reality show hosted by Giovanna Ewbank. In this online competition, participants use various strategies to flirt, form alliances, and even create fake profiles to win the grand prize. Each contestant is isolated in a room and interacts with others through a social network called the Circle.

RuPaul’s Drag Race (Netflix)

With numerous seasons, “RuPaul’s Drag Race” has become the world’s most famous drag queen competition. The reality show is available on Netflix.

LOL: Last One Laughing Brazil (Amazon Prime)

“LOL: Last One Laughing Brazil” brings together 10 of the biggest Brazilian comedians in an epic six-hour battle where they must not laugh while trying to make their opponents laugh. Hosted by Tom Cavalcante, the winner receives a prize of R$ 350,000 to donate to a charity. The show has three seasons available on Amazon Prime Video.

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