Desperate Lies Among the Most-Watched Series on Netflix Worldwide

Desperate Lies Among the Most-Watched Series on Netflix Worldwide

The new Brazilian production by Netflix, Desperate Lies, has become one of the most-watched series on the service, confirming its success.

The drama Desperate Lies (in Portuguese: Pedaço de Mim) premiered last Friday (7/5) and has been a hit on Netflix. Marketed as both a melodrama and a series, the production, featuring Juliana Paes as the lead, is among the most-watched on the streaming platform worldwide.

According to data released by Netflix, the production is the fifth most-watched series in the Global Top Non-English TV category.

In the plot, Liana becomes pregnant by two different men at the same time and must make decisions that could haunt her for the rest of her life, while also keeping some secrets to move forward.

Paloma Duarte on Desperate Lies: “Difficult, but Necessary Topics”

Desperate Lies was added to the Netflix catalog last Friday (7/5) and is an option for those who love telenovelas but also appreciate slightly shorter content. With a season of 17 episodes, the story follows Liana (Juliana Paes), a woman who becomes pregnant by two different men at the same time — her husband, Tomás (Vladimir Brichta), and her best friend’s brother, Oscar (Felipe Abib).

The plot, however, addresses sensitive topics. One of Liana’s twins is the result of rape, sparking debates about sexual violence and abortion. “When we filmed this, we never imagined that this discussion would be so heated. I think it’s important to remember that each woman is an individual, and that’s where the danger of imposing rules lies,” says Paloma Duarte, who plays the doctor Silvia in the series.

Tomás’s sister, Silvia, will be one of the first to know that Liana is pregnant by two different men and to discover that one of the children is the result of abuse. She will be responsible for supporting and presenting options to the protagonist.

“This series raises very difficult topics. They are not pleasant to discuss, but they are profoundly necessary,” emphasizes the actress.

João Vitti, who plays Silvia’s romantic partner, Vicente, also spoke about the topic. According to him, the plot invites individual reflection that will vary according to each person’s background. However, he argues that the decriminalization of abortion is a matter of public health.

“You’ll see that it’s mostly men giving opinions on what a woman should do with her body. We need to shut up and give this freedom [to women], which is a right,” says the actor.

Romance Amid the Chaos of Desperate Lies

Vicente is also the man who appears to change Silvia’s life. A mother to Inácio (Vitor Valle), the doctor lives for her son, who suffers from vision loss, but she will start to open up to other aspects of life in the company of the fellow doctor.

“He is the guy who brings a breath of freedom [to Silvia’s life]. He supports, encourages, and motivates her. He’s a great guy,” says João Vitti.

On the other hand, Silvia is a woman who avoids marriage and has lived a single life until her son reached adolescence. “I think it’s important to portray a woman who rejects marriage and is fine on her own. It’s nice to break away from the molds of what is considered an ideal situation for a woman,” adds Paloma.

Under the Villain’s Eye

Impacted and excited by the story of Desperate Lies, Felipe Abib plays the series’ main villain, Oscar, a playboy who pretends to be a businessman and always gets away with his misdeeds thanks to his father’s influence and money.

The character’s traits were carefully designed to make him relatable to the audience. “The idea is not to be a villain in the strict sense but to show that this could be someone very close to you who can commit this type of abuse,” explains the actor.

He states that he studied a lot to portray the character, who oscillates between being hated and attracting people’s attention.

“I know this character will be very controversial and important for this moment of social transformation. I’m very grateful to play this role, even though the character is quite detestable,” says Abib.

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