Find out which couples from “Love is Blind Brazil” are still together

couples still together after Love is Blind Brazil

The premiere of the fourth season of Love is Blind Brazil – A fresh start is confirmed on June 19th by Netflix, before that comes, let’s find out who are still together and who has gone their separate ways.

Fernanda Terra and Mackdavid Alves

Fernanda Terra and Mackdavid Alves
Fernanda Terra and Mackdavid Alves

In the first season, Fernanda Terra and Thiago Rocha were involved, however, their marriage ended in divorce shortly thereafter. But, still during the show’s cabins, Nanda met Mackdavid Alves and had a lot of fun with him, although she chose Thiago.

After the relationship ended, Terra decided to get closer to Mack. It didn’t take long for them to start a romance, which a few months later, resulted in a baby named Ben. Today, they are still married and very happy together.

Paulo Simi and Bruna Luana

Paulo Simi and Bruna Luana
Paulo Simi and Bruna Luana

As for the second season, it featured five engagements, but ended with only two marriages. Thamara Térez and Alisson Hentges had the longest-lasting relationship, which also ended in 2023 and was more tumultuous, with rumors of infidelity and lots of tears.

However, behind the scenes of the season, another couple formed. But this time, it was more controversial. Paulo Simi, accused of fatphobia for rejecting Amanda Souza when meeting her in person after the marriage proposal, got engaged to the dropout Bruna Luana.

They also met in the cabin. But when Simi chose Amanda, Bruna got upset and decided to quit the reality show. However, some time later, amidst digital cancellation, Paulo publicly acknowledged his relationship with Bruna Luana.

Currently, they live together and keep their social media profiles private, not mentioning the show in their bios.

Bianca Sessa with Jarbas Andrade and more

Bianca Sessa with Jarbas Andrade

The third edition of the reality show seemed to be the most successful, with all five couples saying “yes” on their wedding day. However, only three of them: Bianca Sessa and Jarbas Andrade*, Maria Caporusso and Menandro Rosa, and Ágata Moura and Renan Justino, are still together.


Nutritionist and businessman, Ana Bianca Sessa and Jarbas Andrade announced break-up in january of 2024: “Post-reality reality is difficult”. They stayed together for 1 year and 4 months: “There is a lot of love, but love alone is not enough“, they explained when announcing the separation.

Reflections on Love

The unique experience provided by “Love is Blind Brazil” brought reflections on love and relationships. Some participants continue to build a life together, while others, faced with adversity, chose to go their separate ways.

The series on Netflix allowed viewers an intimate view of the ups and downs of relationships, demonstrating that love is a journey filled with challenges and surprises. While some couples write new chapters together, others face the challenges of separation, leaving the future of their relationships uncertain.

“Love is Blind Brazil” continues to captivate audiences, not only during the cabin experience but also post-reality. The search for true love persists, and viewers eagerly await to discover how these love stories will unfold in the upcoming episodes of real life.

Love is Blind Brazil – A fresh start

Love is Blind Brazil – A fresh start is to premiere on June 19 of 2024, promising to stir the hearts of viewers with exciting twists and turns. In an innovative approach, the new season will feature participants who have already faced the challenge of marriage but, unfortunately, did not find happiness.

Unlike previous seasons, the 4th season will feature a selection of people who have experienced the less romantic side of unions: divorced, separated, or those who saw their engagements crumble before reaching the altar. The bold proposal aims to offer a second chance at love for those who have already taken a hit in previous relationships.

Find out who are the participants of 4th season of Love is Blind Brazil.

With renewed courage, these participants are willing to embark on a unique journey in search of true connection. The promise is of intense moments, exciting surprises, and, of course, the hope of finding a partner who shares the desire for a life together.

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