Spin-off Series from the Film ‘City of God’ Set to Premiere on Max and HBO

City of God series

Whoever love brazilian culture and movies might have watched Cidade de Deus. And now the film will have a spin off serie called: City of God: The Struggle Continues, which will premiere in August on Max (HBO Max).

Photo: Roberta Rodrigues, Edson Oliveira, and Alexandre Rodrigues in a scene from the series “City of God: The Struggle Continues.”

SeriesCity of God: The Struggle Continues
Original tile in PTCidade de Deus: a luta não para
PremiereAugust, 2024

With six episodes, the production is set in the 2000s, two decades after the story of the original film. The actors will reprise their roles as Barbantinho and Buscapé. Roberta Rodrigues will return as Berenice, also featured in the film. The series will include flashback scenes from the movie.

Thiago Martins, who was part of the original film, will also appear in the series. During filming, he had an accident that required stitches in his head. Marcos Palmeira and Shirley Cruz will play a couple. The cast also includes Andréia Horta, Dhon Augusto, and Sabrina Rosa, among others.

The series is directed by Aly Muritiba. Most of the series was filmed in communities in São Paulo, where there were some tense moments due to safety concerns.

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