Carol Novaes Confirms Rumors Involving Controversy with Dora Figueiredo: ‘Sleeping is a Matter of Peace for Me’

Carol Novaes and Dora Figueiredo

On Instagram, the former participant of Love is Blind Brazil Carol Novaes clarified the rumors of room-switching at São João da Thay.

Carol Novaes appeared on Instagram this Tuesday (June 11th) to confirm the rumors that she had requested to change rooms at São João da Thay to avoid staying with Dora Figueiredo.

The former Love is Blind Brazil participante had been accused of asking not to stay in the same room as the digital influencer during her stay at a resort near Lençóis Maranhenses, with the justification that Dora “was annoying,” according to columnist Lucas Pasin.

In her Stories, Carol said: “Let’s get this straight: yes, there was a request to change rooms at the resort in Maranhão because there were rumors that Dora was annoying. And for me, sleeping is a matter of peace. I need to sleep well, sleep in peace to be okay, so I asked to change rooms.”

She explained that upon returning to another hotel in São Luís, she decided not to switch rooms with Dora and realized she had a wrong perception of the influencer.

“I was also sharing a room with Dora and said, ‘Oh, I’m not even going to switch rooms with her, and it’s all good.’ I ate my words. Because Dora is easygoing, there’s no invasion of space, we helped each other, we exchanged life ideas. And honestly, very peaceful. She has her reputation, I have mine, and each person has their own experience, and that’s that. So, don’t try to create drama where there isn’t any because everything is peaceful between her and me,”

she concluded.

Dora Figueiredo Comments on the Matter

In an audio released by journalist Lucas Pasin, Dora Figueiredo shared her side of the story and confirmed that she learned through “gossip” that Carol didn’t want to stay with her, while also affirming that the two got along well during the trip.

“On the first day, I arrived and found her outside. I said, ‘Oh, we’re sharing a room.’ Then I went in, and she never came back to the room; she said she went to another room to do makeup and stuff. And then I heard through gossip that she didn’t want to stay with me in the room and thought I was annoying,”

she started.

“But honestly, even I find myself annoying sometimes. It’s all good. Nowadays, I’m quieter, in a more relaxed vibe. I went back to the room early every day to sleep, so maybe that’s why. I don’t know. Because we’ve never had any problems,”

she explained.

“And at the hotel, we stayed together, and it was super fine, super chill. I didn’t understand any of it, but I didn’t comment because, you know, I think it’s unnecessary to make a big deal out of it. I have nothing against her and don’t know the context in which she said that. I don’t know, in the end, that’s it: I don’t know,”

she concluded.

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