Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo Launch New ‘Love is Blind’ and Plan Vow Renewal

Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo

‘Love is Blind: Brazil – A fresh start’ premieres this Wednesday (19) on Netflix.

For those who have had disappointments in relationships but still believe in love, the fourth season of Love is Blind is bound to be captivating. That’s because this Wednesday (19), on Netflix, Love is Blind: Brazil – A Fresh start premieres. Unlike previous seasons, this time all participants are separated, divorced, or had engagements that didn’t culminate in marriage. The actor and host couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo continue to lead the show, which aims to unite singles who choose to marry without seeing each other first. The suitors only meet after the marriage proposal is accepted. The second part of the show will be available on Netflix starting June 26. The third and final part will be released on July 3.

“In this new season, the challenge was to bring something different to the audience. And so ‘Love is Blind: Brazil – A Fresh start’ came about, featuring people who have had serious relationships, almost got married, or have been married and separated, engaged, or lived together. Generally, they are older than those in previous seasons. The most interesting aspect is how they deal with their own traumas, how not to project their past traumas onto someone new, and how to believe in love in this blind format,” Camila teases.

Read the full interview with the couple below:

Do you believe in second chances in love?

Klebber Toledo: I think that once you seek to open up to someone with care and understanding, it is a gift. I believe you should never give up. Not only do I believe in second chances, but I also believe in third and fourth chances.

Camila Queiroz: And love is limitless. It doesn’t mean you only love that one person, and if it doesn’t work out, you give up on love entirely. Sometimes it doesn’t work out because your life purposes and desires were very different. It’s all about circumstances.

What can the fans of the show expect to be different this season?

Klebber Toledo: Everything is new. The stories touch us in different ways. We are dealing with real life, and there are many emotional moments.

Camila Queiroz: As hosts, we have become more confident, and this season, we are more confident than ever.

Klebber Toledo: There is a great synergy between us and our wonderful team. We strongly believe in the work we are doing because we have seen the success of previous seasons. Everyone enjoys and comments on it.

Camila Queiroz: We went to an event the other day, and every couple of steps, someone stopped us to talk about ‘Love is Blind.’ It’s amazing how successful it is.

Klebber Toledo: It’s because it really resonates; it brings out such specific life situations. It’s not just about finding love; it’s about finding love, taking it home, introducing it to your family, showing your vulnerabilities and feelings. It’s very profound and touches many aspects of our society. I always say: we provide a great social service because we expose all these issues that need to be worked on and improved in our society.

Do you follow the couples’ journeys as closely as the audience does?

Camila Queiroz: We are curious, we want to know, and we get anxious. We love to share our thoughts: ‘Did you see this? Did you see that?’ (laughs). We are nosy, we like to see and discuss everything we are watching because it is very different from seeing the finished reality show. We see things during the recordings that we don’t have access to.

Klebber Toledo: We get the raw footage. The audience sees a great summary of the best moments and everything we experienced there. But it’s very intense and also very cool when you see that they truly immerse themselves. There’s a moment when everyone is worried, and suddenly, the experiment embraces them, they get involved, and it’s a whirlwind. In the pods, any facade falls away, and everyone starts being their true selves, and you notice and feel that.

Do you also follow the social media reaction when viewers think some couples are fake or just seeking fame?

Klebber Toledo: We follow everything that’s said on social media. It’s part of our job.

Camila Queiroz: Klebber has a great theory. He even told the participants: don’t try to fake something you’re not because the audience will see through it. I follow the online reactions quite a bit. Klebber less so, but then I update him.

Klebber Toledo: She’s more into the digital side, and I’m more about the day-to-day actions (laughs).

Camila Queiroz: I get anxious to see if people notice some details I may have seen while watching, or sometimes they catch something I missed, and then I go back to watch again to see if I notice it. Some topics we know will be controversial, so we anticipate seeing what the audience will say and how it will unfold. Because, as Klebber said: it’s a snapshot of real life. They make comments knowing they’re being filmed, and yet they do it anyway.

You’ve been married since 2018. Have you ever felt like renewing your vows with each wedding you host on the show?

Camila Queiroz: Last year, we felt like it when we celebrated five years of marriage. But our schedules were crazy, and organizing a party would have been even more complicated. So, we’re waiting a bit longer, maybe when we hit ten years. If it were up to Klebber, it would be every year. He wants to marry every year (laughs).

Klebber Toledo: I say: just a little party! (laughs).

Camila Queiroz: But you know what’s funny? After ‘Love is Blind,’ everyone wants us to be their wedding sponsors. People comment online: ‘Camila, I’m getting married, can you be my bridesmaid?’, ‘I’d love for you to be my bridesmaid!’ It’s like we become everyone’s wedding sponsors. Everyone wants us to bless their wedding.

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