Ariela Surprises the Web with Comment on Love is Blind: “Bisexual?”

Ariela love is blind brazil 4

A comment by Ariela, Evandro‘s ex-fiancée, on Love is Blind Brazil Season 4 has left the audience questioning her sexuality.

Whether due to her personality or her relationship with Evandro, participant Ariela made waves on Love is Blind Brazil Season 4. In the final episodes of the reality show, which premiered on Netflix this Wednesday (7/3), she surprised the audience once again.

During a conversation at the bachelor party, Ariela mentioned that she still believes there’s an ideal person waiting for her. “Whether it’s a man or a woman, I don’t know,” she said.

Because of this, the internet began speculating that she might be bisexual. “OMG. Ariela is bisexual,” commented one Twitter user.

Ariela’s bisexual moment saying there will be someone for her, she just doesn’t know if it will be a man or a woman,” said another user.

In the season, Ariela was involved with Evandro. Their controversial relationship ended before the wedding but divided viewers’ opinions. Some enjoyed the drama, while others criticized the participants for “immature actions.”

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