Ariela Carasso, from Love is Blind Brazil, reveals what she was like before bariatric surgery

Ariela Carasso bariatric surgery

Ariela Carasso, a participant in the fourth season of Netflix’s reality show Love is Blind Brazil, shared what she looked like before undergoing the bariatric surgery she mentioned during her time on the show. The event director has always been open about her past and admitted that her body was one of her biggest insecurities.

Bariatric surgery changes your life, your self-esteem… and I’m not just talking about appearance, it changes a lot in terms of health,” she said in her Stories before showing an old video of herself.

Additionally, Ariela stated that she felt manipulated on Love is Blind, not by the participants, but by the production itself:

“They really upset me. I had to take care of my emotional well-being, and I’m here because I want to share moments between me and Evandro that weren’t shown. In the pods, I talked to him about my past relationships, about my ex-husband’s last affair with a former friend of mine,” she vented.

The event producer faced a lot of criticism online for her actions on the reality show regarding her relationship with Evandro, with whom she agreed to get engaged blindly. Therefore, she decided to defend herself:

“After all the things that weren’t shown to you, many events occurred. First, about his paternal abandonment. It’s not about him having another child, that’s not the issue. It was more about the 12 years of abandonment. And also for bringing this up later in the show. His unresolved issues outside the show with someone, after several questions from me, after he talked about other participants on the show,” she said.

She concluded by saying she felt deceived and manipulated by all these events.

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