MC Livinho’s trajectory is a multifaceted journey that reveals his artistic evolution and musical strategies. From his childhood, with musical influences from the violin in church, to the release of hits like “Mulher Kama Sutra,” he demonstrates a remarkable progression. His album “Vagabundo Romântico” and the recent success “Novidade na Área” are examples of the versatility and reinvention capacity that characterize him as an artist.

With style changes and a creative approach in his compositions, MC Livinho continues to surprise his audience and stand out in the music scene. His trajectory reveals not only a talented musician but also an artist constantly seeking new artistic expressions and challenging the boundaries of Brazilian funk genre.



Livinho captivates the audience with hits like “Mulher Kama Sutra” and “Novidade na Área,” showcasing his skill in funk music.


Livinho’s show offers a vibrant and lively experience, highlighting his charisma and success in the Brazilian funk scene.


Livinho captivates the audience with exciting interactions, creating a contagious atmosphere that involves and engages the audience in the show.